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Easy Biz Guides was created by Kerry Goodbrand, former Director of Companies and International Strategy Consultant.

The wisdom Kerry brings to Easy Biz Guides is drawn from a career of learning [BSc(Honours), MBA & Grad Dip Applied Finance] and varied top level roles internationally. He has consulted to some of the global leaders in their industries and studied Advanced Adult Education Methods. His industry experience ranges from property & construction, to medical and hospitality, pharmaceuticals to space launch programs and a wide variey more.

His passion now lies in sharing what he can with those who are keen to learn, grow and equip themselves to lead successful businesses into the future.

Please - Don't let that scare you!

Easy Biz Guides are specially simplified by MBA graduates to make them easy to understand and even easier to implement. And if you so wish, we can arrange done for you services too.

Easy Biz Guides is the greatest help you can get, and will give you implementable strategies and unique skills not available anywhere else.


Web Push Notifications
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​Soup Bowl Strategy
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​Youtube LIVE
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Google My Business
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STAR Growth Strategy
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​Office 365 ADVANCED
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Google Posts Strategy
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​Office 365
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