WebPush Notification can be a very valuable part of your overall communications strategy.
In this Easy Biz Guide we not only show you why, but also how to implement WebPush Notifications quickly and easily.
We feel sure you're going to be pretty excited by the results you'll experience once implemented.

Why would we be so excited about WebPush Notifications?

.... Because they are extremely powerful!

And there are several more very compelling reasons:

  • Mobile apps are generally very expensive (Ave $5K)
  • You require a different app for each mobile type (Multiples of $5K)
  • It's really hard to get customers to install apps
  • Even if they are installed, <50% enable notifications
  • Net <5% of customers are contactable - pretty ordinary...

WebPush Notifications are very different and way better:

  • You can set yours up free (or pay someone to do it for you)
  • They works on all mobile devices - Phone, Tablets, Android/iPhone, etc
  • AND desktop too = Double the number that apps reach.
  • Notifications will even appear even if their browser is not open! How good is that...

So where are WebPush Notifications Most Useful:

They are awesome for Any Time Sensitive Announcements

  • Events
  • Promotions
  • Offers, etc

Here's How Your Business Benefits:

  • Notifications appears on desktop whether browser is open or not​
  • They sit in Notifications tray until cleared
  • Desktop = 50% Mobile = 50% = 100% - Double your numbers = double the business.
  • These require visitors to Opt-In
  • By doing so they indicate their strong interest
  • They are the most Highly Qualified Targeted Audience
  • You'll also get way less complaints as a result - much happier customers
  • You cut through the clutter and stand out from sea of emails, Social Media posts, Text Messages (mobile)
  • You can redirect those who respond to your message to anywhere.
  • Automation is possible to help you run your business
  • Send pre-defined notice sequences after visitors subscribe
  • There are even Filters = Enabling Segmentation & Laser Focus Targeting

We hope you see that WebPush Notifications are a special breed of their own.

Set Up Steps

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