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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Easy Biz Guides a Course?

In short - No - Easy Biz Guides is much better than a course! Here's why:
1. You do not need to wait to get to a module or topic that is relevant to your business needs right now. You can go straight to that Guide immediately.
2. There's no fluff and academic padding - just straightforward, simplified implementation guides so you can get them completed as quickly as possible.
3. No test or exams, no classes, no assignments to hand in. Just direct help to implement cutting edge strategies.
Think of Easy Biz Guides as an ever increasing RESOURCE Centre where you'll find effective strategies for many aspects of your business growth.


Can My Team Implement Easy Biz Guides?

We encourage you to involve your team members, even if only to relieve yourself of some of the implementation activity.
Furthermore, engaging them in high level activities will engender a greater sense of participation, inclusion and loyalty.
Easy Biz Guides are deliberately simplified so that they can be handled by team members.
You are welcome to share Easy Biz Guides with legitimate team members.
Please note however: IP access can be tracked and misuse may lead to closing of your account.


Can I Try Before I Buy?

We take all the risk!
Just register yourself a 5 day FREE account and you will get access to absolutely everything published to date.
In addition, you are welcome to keep and implement whatever you learned during the 5 Days with our complements. So as an absolute minimum you'll get to see and hopefully implement at least one very valuable strategy - completely risk free!


Is Easy Biz Guides Training?

You'll certainly learn a lot in Easy Biz Guides, but it is not intended to be skills training per se.
You'll learn strategies and how to implement them, that are not found anywhere else.
YOU choose what you want to implement, and when you gather the guidance you need.
YOU are totally in control & choose whatever is immediately relevant in your business, so Easy Biz Guides is extremely time efficient.
They will give you a competitive advantage in your marketplace.


Access to Previous Guides?

Every member of Easy Biz Guides gets access to ALL published Guides, as well as Every New Guide that gets added. So the Resource is always as comprehensive as we've published.
In addition, members get immediate access to over 300 detailed articles on Digital Marketing in Clicks Magazine together with a new edition with four articles every month.
In short, Easy Biz Guides grows monthly, and you get it all.


How Does Pricing Work?

As Easy Biz Guides expands and grows by adding more Guides and Clicks editions, of course the value increases too. To make it fair to everyone, the monthly subscription rate will also increase from time to time along with that increase in value.
You will be locked in at the subscription rate you enter at. For as long as you remain a member your subscription will remain fixed at the lower entry amount. If you leave and come back, you will re-enter at the then current subscription rate and again be locked in at that rate.
So it pays to subscribe earlier rather than later!


why work with us?

MBA Approved Strategies for Faster Business Success

Strategy & Research

We're constantly sourcing and including the latest in effective strategies into Easy Biz Guides - a new one every month.

This gives you plenty of time to fully implement and bed down every guide on a regular basis.

Clicks Digital Marketing

Clicks Magazine is included at no extra cost to bring you the latest in digital marketing best practices - 4 every month.

You'll never be left behind and miss out on the power of online business.


Our specific aim is to impart High Value Strategic Skills into your business at an exceptionally affordable price so that you can implement them immediately while learning.

about us

Tap into our experience to accelerate yours

We come from business.

We're qualified in business at the top level - MBA.

We know business but still make it our top priority to stay abreast of the latest in what's working so that we can bring it to you in digestible format Guides that you can easily and quickly implement.

Not only do we bring you valuable guides on topics that are currently working well, but we also invite our members to request specific topics that they would like to have featured.

We particularly value feedback and are committed to assisting you to build a better business faster. 

Your feedback is most welcome and help us to help you!


Our Secret Success Formula - 3S + I

This formula is the core of the success of our guides. It's what makes it possible for you to succeed quickly and efficiently, both time and cost efficiently.

3S + I = Strategies, Simplified, Systematized + Implemented

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