As a leader, especiially if you're new in the position, there are 3 simple things you can do to enhance your leadership effectiveness and impact:


Actively Seek and Be Open to Feedback

Feedback from everywhere is a gift you can cherish and quickly act upon.

Whilst asking for your team's personal opinions engenders a strong sense of appreciation, meaning, participation and respect in their eyes, do not forget to also seek the same from your peers, and superiors (where applicable).

Approach this with a completely open mind and attitude of gratitude and you will receive accurate information that equips you to become more effective and make a deeper impact.


Mistakes are Opportunities

Make no mistake about it (pun intended) you will make mistakes, especially in the early days.

Be willing to!

But also be willing to admit them openly. Those around you will respect your humility and see you as being more relatable, more human and "just like them".

Definitely make sure to learn from your mistakes and aim to never repeat them.


Collaboration With Action

Make sure to listen to your team and collaborate fully; be engaged and not aloof.

However, it is very important to take action with clear intent and to be decisive as soon as you have enough facts to come to an informed conclusions.

Decisive leaders of Action are more highly respected.

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