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In today’s digitally-driven world, marketing strategies for businesses have taken on a whole new look. However, digitally-driven marketing strategies aren’t just for online businesses: even local businesses can reach more local and nearby customers by educating themselves on what great online marketing strategies are and how to use them to draw in more local customers. Finding a balance between still offering great in-person service and yet keeping up with today’s technological advancements is key for local business owners who want to stay competitive.

Here are three ways local businesses can reach local customers by utilizing specific marketing strategies geared toward drawing in nearby tech-savvy consumers. At the same time, by utilizing these techniques, businesses can increase their online presence and make their business more well-known to locals who might not frequent their store’s specific part of town.

Utilize an Optimized Business Listing with the Google Maps App

The Google Maps app is one of the most popular apps in the world of smartphone users today.  If you are a business owner, it’s a smart idea to make the time to employ an optimized business listing on the Google Maps app, and by doing so you’ve just expanded your online presence exponentially. Simply having your business on the Google Maps app isn’t all that’s necessary to attract potential clients, however. It’s also vital to business success that you create a business listing that contains correct and prominently displayed information as well as a link to your company’s website. Having thorough and accurate information on your optimized business listing with the Google Maps app helps to ensure that potential customers have all of the information they need to visit or contact your company and determine whether or not your business offers what they need.

Implement App Advertising Strategies

In-app advertising strategies are the latest, greatest advertising tool in today’s smartphone-wise world. More than ever, smartphones are gaining in popularity and smartphone use is increasing. In line with that tidbit, it’s useful for businesses to know that the majority of the time smartphone users spend on their phones is spent in an app. This is where an in-app advertising strategy can help you as a business owner grow your business by offering in-app ads geared toward local customers.

New apps worth checking out: Deal Spotting, Google Offers, Lantern, DealChicken,

Old Standbys: Living Social & Groupon  

In-app ads help customers find the businesses that might be of interest to them in areas closest to where they currently are. The in-app ads offer coupons, deals and information on local businesses that are geared to draw local clients to your business now as opposed to later. In-app ads are to today’s smartphone-driven world what mailer coupons were to yesterday’s business world.  This up-to-date technology can go a long way in increasing your advertising reach, so be sure to take advantage of in-app ads today as you work to spread the word about your business. By working to keep up with the latest in advertising technology such as in-app advertising, you can ensure your business grows in a way that helps it keep up with ever-changing customer needs. At the same time, in-app ads offer information to potential clients on how they can get the best deals from your business when they’re ready to buy.

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Start Using Google’s New Nearby Ad Program

Google trends data tells us that 80% of “near me” searches originate from mobile phones in today’s world. Along with that, “near me” searches have doubled in recent months. This is where Google’s Nearby ad program comes in. The Nearby ad program helps “near me” searchers to not only find the specific business they’re looking for in their area, it also gives them access to click-to-call links and other pertinent information to help them reach the desired business within seconds. Provided your business has updated and optimized the information available on their Google business listing, the click-to-call feature in the Nearby ad program can use your area code to help nearby customers find your business quickly and give you as the business owner the ability to close a potential deal in a timely and efficient manner, making that once-potential customer turn into a customer for life.

Today’s quickly changing and advancing world where technology is concerned means that businesses – especially local businesses – need to advance their methods for reaching potential customers just as quickly and consistently as the world of technology is advancing.

The accelerated growth of online business is something to keep an eye on, but it’s doubtful that online businesses will ever fully replace the local brick-and-mortar stores and business that keep people connected in such a real and tangible way.

Having ice cream delivered to your door through an online grocery delivery company is great, but it still can’t beat hanging out at the local mom and pop malt shop with family and friends. There are great deals to be had by shopping online retailers, but it isn’t quite the same as perusing the racks of the latest and greatest fashions in person. Ordering meds on line might save money, but then you’d miss out on chatting with the local pharmacist that’s been serving your family’s medical needs for generations.

Local businesses might have competition when it comes to online retailers, but local shops still have the competitive advantage when it comes to forming a real-life relationship with clients and potential clients. Seeing that smiling face that’s ready to serve you in person gives greater depth to a purchase than imagining a smiling face on the phone. Local business owners simply need to find a way to keep providing great, personalized face-to-face service to clients, while still keeping abreast of the latest and greatest technology advancements and changes that enable customers to shop better and smarter.  

Utilizing add programs such as Google’s Nearby ad program and other online advertising tools helps you as a business owner keep up with the latest technology, which is designed to connect customers with the businesses they need quickly and efficiently, saving them time and money in the process. Choose as a business owner to use these programs and others like them in order to keep your business prospering for years to come.

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