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1. Impactana

By now, everyone pretty much knows that updating your blog with fresh quality content on a regular basis is critical to maintaining your rankings on Google, but finding good topics to write about isn’t always an easy thing to do. 

Now you can find and curate content that you know will be liked, and shared by your audience.

Impactana allows you to find great content based on a number of metrics – backlinks, likes, views, shares, comments, etc. You can use the information from Impactana to drive the content you curate on your social networks and to inspire content you create on your own blog

2. FollowerWonk 

Tweet smarter and take your twitter marketing to the next level.  The more we use this tool, the more we love it.  It’s a clear favorite among social media marketers, but easy enough for the average Joe to find extremely useful.

Released by the folks at SEOmoz this tool will help you connect with the right people on twitter.  In a nutshell, Followerwonk gives you the data you need to tweet more effectively. 

3. Gmail Canned Responses

Let’s face it, email follow ups are not always the most exciting task on the daily to-do list, but Gmail’s new Canned Responses feature makes it a little easier.

The majority of emails most small businesses receive are the same inquiries over and over.  If you find yourself typing the same message time and time again, you are now in luck! You can now setup a variety of “canned responses” that you can reply back within a couple of clicks.  This is a huge time saver and will significantly cut down on your response time because you don’t have to write the same response over and over.  

All responses are easily edited, just in case you need to customize your reply before sending it back.  You can find Gmails new “canned response” feature in the ‘Settings’ menu within the email dashboard.

4. Link Diagnosis

There are lots and lots of SEO tools and link analyzers out there.  They are practically a dime a dozen. But that being said, it’s really important to know as much about your competitor’s online linking strategy as you can – so you can develop a strategy of your own and outrank them. But that’s only the beginning…

This is where LinkDiagnosis shines. Not only can you discover your competition’s external links, but also locate new opportunities for guest postings, partnerships and pay-per-click advertising opportunities. This free tool has some serious benefits that can save you time, help you allocate where your time and advertising efforts should be spent. 

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5. Mention 

Ever wanted to know what people are saying about your business, and your competitors?  

Mention is a real time monitoring tool that lets you create alerts – similar to Google Alerts.  But instead of being limited to news articles and blogs, Mention ‘listens’ to millions of sources including social networks like Facebook & Twitter.

Easily keep track of key phrases, websites and brand names in real time so you will never miss out on conversation that you should be a part of.

6. ReferralSnip

According to a study from Small Business Trends, over 85% of small businesses acquire customers through word of mouth advertising.  Referrals are a huge part of any business’s success and if you don’t want to miss out on your share, consider creating a referral program with a tool like Referral Snip

In less than 5 minutes you can setup your own referral program, without the headaches.  Just enter a few company details, customize your snippet and your current customers can start referring new customers to your business online.

7. Picreel

Getting visitors to your website is one thing, but converting visitors into customers is an entirely different story.

According to Bounce Exchange. Over 95% of all website visitors will never return, and that is a scary statistic for local business owners.

That’s why it’s critical to capture as many visitors as you can before they leave, possibly forever.  Picreal helps you capture visitors when they are leaving with customizable exit offers.

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