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Does hearing the words "Facebook content" immediately tire you out mentally?  Do you cringe at the thought of having to drum up original posts every single day?

Let’s be honest.  Nobody really wants to do that. And there is an easier approach to Facebook content curation.  It's what we call the 70-30 approach: posting 70% original content and 30 curated content.

Social media content curation in Facebook is cost-effective and easier than having to create new posts every time, so it has fast become a part of content marketers ‘content mix.

Here, we will share four of the best practices in curating great content for Facebook:

Use Facebook analytics. Any social media content curation strategy needs to be monitored for performance.  Use Facebook’s “Pages Insights” and “Audience Insights” to give you details about your audience that will help you tailor appropriate content for them, such as age, location, gender, income, careers, and more.

Pages Insights will also show you important details such as which content posted on your page has performed well and what time of the day your audience usually goes online. These analytics pages can be quite confusing if you’re not used to using tools like this, so there’s definitely going to be a learning curve.

Go big on visuals. The Facebook news feed prioritizes posts accompanied with images and videos, so post photos and videos frequently. Interesting videos also receive more reach than a plain text, so curating videos is part of most marketers’ Facebook content marketing strategy.

One thing to be careful about is using photos that are legal to use or repost. This will keep you from having copyright issues. The best thing to do is to take the photos yourself, but this is not always possible, so what you can do is to look for royalty free or stock photos on stock image websites like Pixabay.com. You can also use Canva.com for free.

Another way to find publicly reusable photos is to go to Google Images, click on “Settings” which you can find just below the toolbar, then select “Advanced search”.

What you’re looking for is “Usage rights”. Click on the dropdown box and there you will see options according to the license of the images. The safest bet is to select is “free to use, share, or modify, even commercially”, but choose according to your needs.

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Create a schedule and stick to it. Regular posting of content on social media and even in blogs is sure to get you more engagement and visibility than posting sporadically. So you need to plan your curated contents ahead, craft a schedule based on what you will learn from the Pages Insights, and stick to this schedule.

Use a content curation platform. Rome wasn’t built in a week, and doing all of the tasks involved in curating great content for Facebook (and other platforms) does take time and effort. To take some of the burden off of you, consider using a content curation platform that is designed with small businesses in mind or a digital marketing service to take care of that on your behalf.

Content is exactly why your audience comes back

Producing a steady stream of quality social media content is vital these days, and it’s the driving force behind more engagement on your Facebook page, and more traffic to your website.  Just remember, all you need is 70% original and 30% curated content and you're good to go.

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